Cleanroom qualifications

  • Générateur de particules traceuses Système Microrite M1

    Smoke generator MICRORITE

    • . Visualization and monitoring of airflow (ISO 14644-3 Annex B7) in classified environments.
    • . Pressure balancing between rooms (visual indication).
    • . Optimization of equipment location.
    • . Discovery of unsuspected sources of particulate and gaseous contamination.
    • . Monitoring air infiltration paths to minimize the introduction of particles into critical areas.
  • VelociCalc Multi-Function Ventilation Meter TSI 9600

    . Large, high-resolution color display
    . Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup
    . Optional smart plug-in probes, including thermoanemometer, rotating vane and CO2 probes with calibration certificates
    . Input for one K-alloy thermocouple
    . User-customizable soft keys for quick access to common functions
    . Calculate the percentage of outdoor air with IAQ probe
    . Integrated magnets for hands-free operation
    . Supports multiple languages
    . Air density compensation with on board barometric pressure sensor and temperature input
    . Print data from instrument with optional USB portable printer

    Download the product sheet
  • Diffuseur de gaz CLIMET CI-302 avec un compteur de particule

    CLIMET Gas Diffuser Model CI-302

    High Accuracy
    High Reliability Quieter Operation Stainless Steel Design

    VCO Fitting
    (Other fittings available upon request)

    Stepped Outlet
    (3/8 and 1/2 inch tubing)

    Reduces Contamination Build-up

    Pressure Ranges from 5 Psi up to 150 Psi

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  • Aerosol Diluter ATI – TDA D10 / TDA D100

    . Compatible with any 1 cfm particle counter.
    . Minimizes pressure drops and aerosol loss.
    . Available in 10:1 and 100:1 dilution ratio configurations.
    . Can be plumbed in series for alternate dilution configurations.
    . Ideal for isolators, mask fittings and installation with low airflows.
    . Works with any type of aerosol challenge, including PSL, PAO, DOP, and NaCl.

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  • Pompe à injection positive pour générateur d'aérosols ATI

    Positive Injection Pump

    . Provides the force needed to inject aerosol into positively-pressured ducts.
    . Cleanroom Certification.
    . Aerosol is available up to 20 meters (65 feet) from the PIP for hard to reach places.
    . Available speed control allows precise control of the sparge pipe aerosol curtain.
    . Easily connect to Sparge Pipes or Aerosol Splitters.
    . 50m3/hr @ 50mbar.

  • Photomètre ATI 2i pour réalisation de tests d'intégrité de filtre HEPA avec une iProbe

    Photometer ATI Model TDA 2i

    . Hepa Filter Testing ISO 14644-3.
    . Lightweight, portable and rugged digital photometer
    . 4.3″ LCD screen to display critical information.
    . iProbe (optional) with 12 ft cable for hard to reach areas minimizes downtime.
    . User settable aerosol noise suppression for more stable aerosol measurements.
    . Printer (optional) available for reporting.

  • Dilution System TOPAS Model DIL554

    . Designed for mobile use (no auxiliary pressurized air and additional exhaust needed).
    . Battery-operated with status indicator (optional with power adapter).
    . Constant and reproducible aerosol dilution even under changing operation conditions.
    . Continuous control and display of actual dilution ratio
    long-term lifetime and reliability, minimum maintenance required.
    . Precise operation in both over and under pressure mode

  • Laskin Nozzle Generator ATI Model TDA 6D

    . Airflow rates from 350 – 3500 m3/hr for a wide range of testing requirements.
    . Flex-fuel capabilities, allows for the use of different reagents.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Built-in compressor.
    . Easy operation for testing of Microbiological Safety Cabinets.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Laskin Nozzle Generator ATI Models TDA 4B/4B Lite

    . Airflow rates from 685 – 14.000 m3/hr for a wide range of testing requirements.
    . Flex-fuel capabilities, allows for the use of different reagents.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Atomizer Aerosol Generator TOPAS Model ATM 228

    Air flow rate: 20 … 250 l/h

    Mass flow rate: 0 … 1,4 g/h
    continuously adjustable

    Particle production rate:
    4,0×1006 … 1,4×1010 #/s
    continuously adjustable

    Aerosol substances:
    DEHS, PAO (Emery 3004), paraffin oil, salt solutions, suspensions (PSL, A1)

  • Thermal Aerosol Generator ATI Model TDA 5D

    . Hepa Filter Testing ISO 14644-3.
    . Fast operation with a warm-up time of only 60 seconds.
    . Widest range of System Flow Rates 850 – 120.000 m3/hr.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Flex-Fuel Capacity.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Portable Airborne Particle Counter CLIMET CI-1070

    . New generation NextGen series.
    . The lightest and smallest particle counter for ISO 7 and ISO 8 classes.
    . Flow rate: 100 LPM.
    . 6 channels: from 0.5 to 25 µm.
    . Integrated PDF reports/Audit trail and user traceability.
    . Complies with ISO 21501-4.

    Download the product sheet
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