Portable photometer and aerosol generators

The ATI – Air Techniques International – range of portable aerosol generators and photometers is specially designed for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, health care facilities, but also for asbestos removal professionals on filter boxes and vacuum cleaners.

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Thanks to a range developed for each type of application, ATI offers TDA 4B, TDA 4B LITE cold generators but also stand-alone versions with integrated compressor TDA 6D especially dedicated for PSM, laminar flow hoods and filter boxes.

For cleanrooms the need for higher aerosol generation requires a TDA 5D thermal generator with a positive displacement pump if required.

In combination with the TDA 2i photometer or a dilutor to perform a particle counter test according to the methods described in ISO 14644-3, the ATI system allows the use of different types of aerosol generation (PAO Emery 3004 – DEHS – Ondina).


  • Aerosol Diluter ATI – TDA D10 / TDA D100

    . Compatible with any 1 cfm particle counter.
    . Minimizes pressure drops and aerosol loss.
    . Available in 10:1 and 100:1 dilution ratio configurations.
    . Can be plumbed in series for alternate dilution configurations.
    . Ideal for isolators, mask fittings and installation with low airflows.
    . Works with any type of aerosol challenge, including PSL, PAO, DOP, and NaCl.

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  • Pompe à injection positive pour générateur d'aérosols ATI

    Positive Injection Pump

    . Provides the force needed to inject aerosol into positively-pressured ducts.
    . Cleanroom Certification.
    . Aerosol is available up to 20 meters (65 feet) from the PIP for hard to reach places.
    . Available speed control allows precise control of the sparge pipe aerosol curtain.
    . Easily connect to Sparge Pipes or Aerosol Splitters.
    . 50m3/hr @ 50mbar.

  • Photomètre ATI 2i pour réalisation de tests d'intégrité de filtre HEPA avec une iProbe

    Photometer ATI Model TDA 2i

    . Hepa Filter Testing ISO 14644-3.
    . Lightweight, portable and rugged digital photometer
    . 4.3″ LCD screen to display critical information.
    . iProbe (optional) with 12 ft cable for hard to reach areas minimizes downtime.
    . User settable aerosol noise suppression for more stable aerosol measurements.
    . Printer (optional) available for reporting.

  • Dilution System TOPAS Model DIL554

    . Designed for mobile use (no auxiliary pressurized air and additional exhaust needed).
    . Battery-operated with status indicator (optional with power adapter).
    . Constant and reproducible aerosol dilution even under changing operation conditions.
    . Continuous control and display of actual dilution ratio
    long-term lifetime and reliability, minimum maintenance required.
    . Precise operation in both over and under pressure mode

  • Laskin Nozzle Generator ATI Model TDA 6D

    . Airflow rates from 350 – 3500 m3/hr for a wide range of testing requirements.
    . Flex-fuel capabilities, allows for the use of different reagents.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Built-in compressor.
    . Easy operation for testing of Microbiological Safety Cabinets.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Laskin Nozzle Generator ATI Models TDA 4B/4B Lite

    . Airflow rates from 685 – 14.000 m3/hr for a wide range of testing requirements.
    . Flex-fuel capabilities, allows for the use of different reagents.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Atomizer Aerosol Generator TOPAS Model ATM 228

    Air flow rate: 20 … 250 l/h

    Mass flow rate: 0 … 1,4 g/h
    continuously adjustable

    Particle production rate:
    4,0×1006 … 1,4×1010 #/s
    continuously adjustable

    Aerosol substances:
    DEHS, PAO (Emery 3004), paraffin oil, salt solutions, suspensions (PSL, A1)

  • Thermal Aerosol Generator ATI Model TDA 5D

    . Hepa Filter Testing ISO 14644-3.
    . Fast operation with a warm-up time of only 60 seconds.
    . Widest range of System Flow Rates 850 – 120.000 m3/hr.
    . Rugged Portability.
    . Safe and reliable Operation.
    . Flex-Fuel Capacity.
    . Lightweight and rugged, ideal for remote locations.

  • Bidons d'huile ATI DOP pour générateurs d'aérosols

    Oil Aerosol for Generators

    . PAO-4 Oil (Emery 3004).
    . DEHS Oil.
    . ONDINA Oil.


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