Analog flow meters are used worldwide in laboratories, production and research facilities for field and embedded applications. TSI’s integrated flow meters and sensors are ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and proven reliability.

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All TSI flow meters and flow sensors offer fast response time and are calibrated to a reference flow rate, with multiple calibrations built in for high accuracy measurements. In addition, they are temperature compensated and provide temperature and pressure independent mass flow measurement.

TSI digital flowmeters are the ideal tool for field measurements or as part of new product development engineering or research.


  • Flowmeters TSI 4000 Series

    . The TSI 4000 Series inline flow meters were designed for ultra-low pressure loss to minimize flow circuit back pressure and its impact  on the system.
    . The meters include digital and analog outputs for flow rate, absolute pressure, and temperature.
    . Volume measurements can be made through the RS232 digital interface.

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  • AEROMETRIK ISO 17025 gamme débitmètre

    Flowmeters TSI 5000 Series

    The 5300 Series is TSI’s high flow thermal mass flow meter: the 5300 Series can measure up to 300 Std L/min while maintaining a low pressure drop. These flow meters are lightweight and compact, especially when compared to other instruments that measure similar flow rates.

    The 5200 Series is TSI’s low flow thermal mass flow meter: these flow meters can measure up to 30 Std L/min and provide increased resolution at flow rates under 1 Std L/min. The 5200 Series flow meters are designed with reduced internal volume to minimize circuit dead space and deliver highly accurate volume measurements.

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