Automated Filter Tester

The 100X Automated Filter Tester is designed for test and quality control validation of filter media, replaceable particulate filters, and masks used in medical and industrial hygiene applications.

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The 100X meets leading global industry standards such as NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, GB 2626, EN 13274-7:2019, and ASTM F3502-21. The 100X is a high capacity automated solution ideally suited to meet the precise and rigorous requirements of both development and production quality control environments.
The 100X is perfect for testing N95, KN95, FFP, and P100 respirator masks.

Automatic, Hybrid & Manual Configurations:

The 100X can be configured at time of order to operate three ways:

The Manual version is ideal for lab use or production lot testing that requires the operator to initiate the test using ergonomic photoelectric actuators. A test fixture for 100 cm2 flat sheet media is included.

The Automatic version integrates seamlessly with a customer designed, PLC-driven, automated production line and is ideal for 100% in-line non-destructive product testing. The unit is controlled via communication ports and becomes a client device to the automated production line.

The Hybrid version provides the versatility to operate in Manual mode using the local test fixture or can be switched to Automatic mode using a remote fixture in an automated production environment.


  • Testeur de filtre hybride 100X pour test de pénétration de matériau filtrant conformément à la norme EN 13274-7 (EN 143/149)

    100X Automated Filter Tester ATI

    . 100% Sampling Aerosol Detection System.
    . Three flow rate options up to 170 L/min.
    . Best-in-Class Differential Pressure Measurement Accuracy.
    . Measure Filter Efficiency up to 99.9995%.
    . Patented Aerosol Replenishment System Eliminates Production Downtime.
    . Automatic, Hybrid & Manual Configurations.
    . Quiet – Ideal for QC and R&D Labs.