Accessories for Generators

  • Aerosol Diluter ATI – TDA D10 / TDA D100

    . Compatible with any 1 cfm particle counter.
    . Minimizes pressure drops and aerosol loss.
    . Available in 10:1 and 100:1 dilution ratio configurations.
    . Can be plumbed in series for alternate dilution configurations.
    . Ideal for isolators, mask fittings and installation with low airflows.
    . Works with any type of aerosol challenge, including PSL, PAO, DOP, and NaCl.

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  • Pompe à injection positive pour générateur d'aérosols ATI

    Positive Injection Pump

    . Provides the force needed to inject aerosol into positively-pressured ducts.
    . Cleanroom Certification.
    . Aerosol is available up to 20 meters (65 feet) from the PIP for hard to reach places.
    . Available speed control allows precise control of the sparge pipe aerosol curtain.
    . Easily connect to Sparge Pipes or Aerosol Splitters.
    . 50m3/hr @ 50mbar.

  • Dilution System TOPAS Model DIL554

    . Designed for mobile use (no auxiliary pressurized air and additional exhaust needed).
    . Battery-operated with status indicator (optional with power adapter).
    . Constant and reproducible aerosol dilution even under changing operation conditions.
    . Continuous control and display of actual dilution ratio
    long-term lifetime and reliability, minimum maintenance required.
    . Precise operation in both over and under pressure mode

  • Bidons d'huile ATI DOP pour générateurs d'aérosols

    Oil Aerosol for Generators

    . PAO-4 Oil (Emery 3004).
    . DEHS Oil.
    . ONDINA Oil.


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