Microbial Air Sampler CLIMET CI-95A Series

Microbial Air Sampler CLIMET CI-95A Series

. The CI-95A has a stainless steel enclosure
. The CI-95A is able to accommodate either industry standard 90 mm petri dishes, or RODAC plates; and is available in either 25 LPM, 1 CFM, or 100 LPM flow rates
. The CI-9xA series of portable microbial samplers is VHP compatible”

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• CI-95A = 100 LPM microbial sampler with Aluminum Sampling Head.
• CI-95A+ = 100 LPM microbial sampler with locking collar and Passivated 316L Stainless Steel Sampling Head.
* All models are 304 Stainless Steel Enclosure, RS-232 data interface, and HEPA filtered internal exhaust. Both sampling heads are autoclavable @ 134oC for 20 minutes.

– Sample Flow Rate: 100 LPM (0.1 cubic meter per minute, or 3.53 cubic feet per minute).
– Sample time to measure a cubic meter: 10 minutes.
– Flow Rate Control: Electronic, automatic closed loop.
– Cleaning: Compatible with common cleaning and sterilization procedures, including VHP.
– Alarm: Internal audible alarm, +/-10% of 100 LPM Flow Rate.
– Data Interface: RS-232.
– Display: Backlit 4×20 character LCD.
– Sample Control: Continuous sample or variable duty cycle to cover extended monitoring.
Programming & Memory:
– Unit ID: User Selectable; 6 characters long.
– User ID: Up to 10 users, 9 characters long.
– Location ID: Up to 100; 15 characters.
– Security: Prevents changes to settings, or stopping a sample in progress.

Included Accessories and Features:
Internal battery charger, battery, stainless steel locking collar, sample head, and manual.

– Battery: 9.6 VDC, 7.6 Amp Hour.
– Battery Operation: 7 hours (typical) with continuous sampling.
– Battery Recharge time: 2.0-2.5 hours (built-in charger).
– Wall Power: Universal 100-240 VAC Input.

Dimensions & Weight:
– 19.05 cm x 13.97 cm x 25.15 cm.
– CI-95A: weight with battery is 3.75 kg.
– CI-95A+: weight with battery is 4.43 kg.

– Operating temperature: 0-36⁰C, 32-97⁰F.
– 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing.


. Stainless steel sample head
. Remote sampling and compressed gas accessories
. Carrying case

Services associés

. Equipment rental: available within 48 hours (depending availability). Delivered with all necessary accessories, calibration certificate and user manuel.

. IQ/OQ customised protocols to your application.

. On site training and support during installation and set up of program parameters and SOP.

. Calibration and repair in our laboratory located at Rennes (35).

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